Franchise Opportunity in Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon

Thinking Green with SuperGreen

Are you looking for an opportunity in green energy, one of the fastest growing industries in the world? Are you hoping to get in on the ground floor of a company with a proven business model and access to the best brands in the industry? Look no further than SuperGreen, one of the biggest green energy companies in the world. Our unique business approach has set us apart in the industry and resulted in the success of over thirty stores worldwide, and we are looking to expand into Salem, Oregon! Salem is the ideal location for one of our stores because of its rapidly growing economy and constantly developing city. Read on for more details about why Salem and SuperGreen fit together like pieces of a puzzle.


Salem’s advantageous location is a key to its economic success. Salem is one hour from both Portland and the coast, and within an hour’s drive of 70% of the population of Oregon. People from all around the state head to Salem for work and recreation, meaning that when you open your store, you will have a large pool of potential employees and an even larger customer base. With a cost of living about 5% below the national average, Salem is a more affordable alternative to Portland with many of the same amenities. The economy has remained steady and is projected to grow in the next few years, with a job growth rate of 3%.

Willamette River Greenway Plan

The Willamette River is a huge part of Salem’s scenery, which is why the city is planning to preserve and revitalize a large area surrounding the river in the Willamette River Greenway Plan. This plan is committed to preserving the natural habitats of wildlife and plant life while still creating areas for residents and tourists to enjoy the river. The idea is that the development will create a multi-use area with outdoor recreation, picnicking, and some retail and dining space as well. This plan has been proposed in order to create a win-win for the environment, businesses, and people in Salem.

At SuperGreen, we strive to provide the best products to our customers and the best support to our franchisees, all with the larger goal of making green energy attainable to everyone. When you open one of our stores, you put a face on green energy in a way that has never been done before. Salemites are ready for the new face of green energy to revolutionize their city; are you ready to give it to them? Click this LINK to find out how to start your own SuperGreen franchise today.