Franchise Opportunity in Logan, Utah

Logan, Utah

Bring Sustainable Energy to Logan with an Investment in SuperGreen

SuperGreen is excited to announce plans to expand into Logan, Utah! We are looking for someone with some business savvy and drive to open the newest green energy franchise. Our unique business model—having a storefront to sell green technology—is proven in over thirty locations worldwide, giving your investment a high probability for success. Logan is a great city to sell green energy, with its highly educated population, commitment to the environment, and strong economy. If you are ready to become your own boss and open a SuperGreen franchise, read on to find out why Logan is an amazing city to do business in.

Nature Loving People

Nestled in the gorgeous Cache Valley and high in the Wasatch Mountain range, Logan is surrounded on all sides by nature. Residents there enjoy all manner of outdoor activities in one of the four major canyons: Logan Canyon, Green Canyon, Blacksmith Fork Canyon, and Sardine Canyon.

Camping, hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, biking, and backpacking are all popular recreational activities in Logan, as well as swimming and boating in the nearby Bear Lake, Hyrum Reservoir, and Willard Bay. In the winter, there are numerous places to go skiing or snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. On top of all the state and national parks on Logan’s doorstep, the city has carved out many acres of land for parks and walking trails, connecting the city via shared-use pathways for walkers, joggers, and cyclists. The population of Logan is in love with the nature that surrounds them, and their commitment is sure to extend toward adopting green energy in their homes and businesses.

Strong Economy

When Forbes assessed 200 small cities in the United States to find the best places for business and careers, they determined Logan to be #8, largely because of its low unemployment (2.8%), low cost of living (10.2% below the national average), and high rate of college attainment (35.9%). A probable factor in Logan’s high rate of education is the presence of a major state university, Utah State University. Utah State is also the biggest employer in Logan, with 823 faculty members, 1,561 full- and part-time support staff, and over 1,100 on-campus jobs for students. Utah State offers 168 undergraduate degrees in everything from Accounting to Creative Writing to Civil Engineering, and boasts that 76% of its faculty holds doctorate degrees in their fields.

With everything Logan has to offer a business, investing there should be a no brainer. SuperGreen will fit in well with the population that is so passionate about preserving the environment and enjoying nature. At SuperGreen, we want our franchisees to be part of our family, so just like the people of Logan take care of their piece of the earth, we take care of our franchise owners. You will enjoy unparalleled support in everything from operations to training to technology, so you will never be alone running your business. If you are ready to make an investment in your future and your community, click this LINK to find out how to open a SuperGreen franchise right away.