Franchise Opportunity in Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska State Capitol building is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

SuperGreen: An Exciting Franchise Opportunity in Lincoln

Are you looking for an investment opportunity in the rapidly growing field of green technology? Do you want to own your own business but still enjoy the support that comes from an experienced corporate structure? Investing in SuperGreen is the right choice for you!

At SuperGreen, we’re dedicated to providing our franchise owners with all the training and support they need to meet their business goals, including choosing the best locations. That’s why we’re looking for someone ambitious to open the newest location in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln’s resources for business owners provide new businesses with the assistance they need to open, own, and operate within the city. As the home to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln has a well-educated and diverse population, the ideal candidates for SuperGreen business.

Business Resources

Lincoln’s Urban Development Department, or UDD, is responsible for ensuring that the economy of the city remains diverse and successful. One initiative that the UDD implements is Tax Incremental Financing, or TIF, which offers tax incentives and reimbursements for businesses that invest in certain areas of the city. TIF has the goal of removing blight from low- and middle-income areas with declining populations, decrepit buildings, and underdeveloped land. Businesses that buy or relocate to these neighborhoods qualify for property tax refunds for the first several years that the business is located there.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

For twelve years in a row, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been named in the top fifty public universities in U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of the America’s Best Colleges. UNL is also consistently ranked in the top third of the United States universities both public and private. A likely factor is UNL’s dedication to science, as it is the birthplace of the study of ecology and the first university in the world to have an undergraduate psychology lab. In addition, UNL is lauded as a research university, spending $266 million on research in 2013, and with the goal of spending $300 million each year on research by 2025.

There’s no time to delay! An investment opportunity in a city with such amazing business resources and an exciting university doesn’t come around every day, especially in one of the biggest industries in the world. When you’re ready to invest in your career and become your own boss, click this LINK to find out how to open a SuperGreen franchise today.