Franchise Opportunity in Lafayette, Louisiana


A Green Investment in Cajun Country

Are you looking for an investment opportunity with a proven business model in one of the fastest growing industries in the world? Supergreen, the premier franchise company in the green technology industry, is seeking an ambitious self-starter to become the latest franchise owner in Lafayette, Louisiana. Lafayette is the ideal city for a SuperGreen franchise because of its nationally ranked economy, dedication to business owners, and exciting Cajun culture. Read on to learn more about why Lafayette is the ideal city to invest in.


Lafayette may not be an extremely large city, but its economy is so strong that it is nationally recognized as one of the leaders. Indeed, Forbes found Lafayette in the top two-hundred of the Best Places for Business and Careers. In addition, Southern Business Development ranked Lafayette in the top ten economies in the south with its “sizzling mid-market economy” and its success in such diverse industries as healthcare, entertainment, technology, and energy. Finally, Business Facilities ranked Lafayette as the fifth best city for job growth.

Economic Development Authority

A diverse economy is integral to the success of a city, which is why Lafayette created the Economic Development Authority, an organization with the goal of offering incentives to businesses that open or relocate in Lafayette. Through a number of programs, the Economic Development Authority helps create jobs, modernize buildings, and diversify the economy. There are numerous tax incentives for businesses that build or develop in certain areas of the city or for those that create jobs in specific areas or industries.

Cajun Country

Cajun culture, the blend of French, Spanish, Indian, and African cultures abounds in Lafayette. Indeed, the city proclaims itself the Cajun Capital of the country, with its rich music scene and thriving food industry. Indeed, boudin, a famous Cajun food, is so popular in the city that there is a so-called Boudin Trail, including a map, which shows all the best places to eat this delicacy so locals and tourists alike can be sure not to miss out on the best boudin in town. The Cajun life philosophy of “joie de vivre,” joy of life, is integral to the cultural identity of Lafayette. Indeed, this motto likely had a large influence on the National Bureau of Economic Research’s finding that Lafayette is the happiest city in the country.

There’s no time to delay! An investment opportunity in this dynamic city doesn’t come around every day because Lafayette’s economy and culture make the city a desirable place to live and do business. If you’re ready to open your own business, click this LINK to find out how to open a SuperGreen franchise right away.