Franchise Opportunity in Lafayette, Indiana

Lafayette, Indiana

Why Invest in a Franchise in Lafayette?

SuperGreen is excited to announce that our newest franchise opportunity is in Lafayette, Indiana! If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity in one of the fastest growing industries in the world, green technology, SuperGreen is the investment for you! At SuperGreen, we take pride in providing our customers top products in an accessible environment. We want to expand our revolutionary business model into a franchise in Lafayette and we are looking for someone with some business savvy and ambition to get started! When you open a franchise in Lafayette, you will benefit from one of the strongest economies in the nation and amazing local resources that will help keep you and your business flourishing. Keep reading for more details about this vibrant city.

Strong Economy

Lafayette’s economy is one of the strongest in the nation. Its low unemployment rate and low cost of living both contribute to its success; indeed, Forbes ranked Lafayette as #2 on its list of the Best Small Places for Business and Careers. With a cost of living 11% lower than the national average, and a cost of doing business that mirrors that, opening a franchise in Lafayette is a no brainer. When you are a Lafayette franchise owner, you will certainly benefit from the low costs associated with being in the city as well as a large labor pool from the university.

City Development

One of the many wonderful things about Lafayette is that the city invests in itself and its people. As a Lafayette franchise owner, you will always know that the city has your best interests in mind as it goes about completing projects that update and improve itself. Each year, Lafayette spends millions of dollars updating infrastructure such as roads, water systems, bridges, and more to keep the city safe and nice. In addition, the city implements various projects to improve the appearance and functionality of the area. In 2015, Lafayette invested in several mixed-use buildings, which combine dining, office, living, and retail spaces to create dynamic new communities. These trendy mixed-use buildings are cost effective and energy efficient, making them a good investment for the community as a whole. If you open a franchise in Lafayette, you will be able to benefit from the city’s continued development and improvement, year after year.

With everything Lafayette has to offer, the decision to invest in the city is an easy one. A franchise in Lafayette can take advantage of the amazing city resources and the even better economy to work toward building a thriving business. If you’re ready to invest with us, click this LINK and find out what it takes to open a SuperGreen franchise in Lafayette.