Franchise Opportunity in Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi - vintage panorama. State Capitol Building on the left.

SuperGreen: A Franchise Opportunity for the City with Soul

Are you looking for an investment opportunity that will let you be your own boss? Do you want to get involved in one of the fastest growing industries in the world? Are you seeking a turnkey business opportunity with a proven business model? Look no further than SuperGreen, the premier green technology franchise in the United States. At SuperGreen, we’re looking for someone with ambition and management experience to open the latest franchise in Jackson, Mississippi. Jackson is the perfect city to invest in, with its strong economy and helpful resources for business owners. To find out more about Jackson, keep reading.

Stable Local Economy

As the capital of Mississippi, Jackson’s population of just under 600,000 is one of the most economically strong cities in the state. The city’s unemployment rate of 5.5% is lower than the national rate, and the cost of living and doing business are among the lowest in the nation. It was these factors and more that resulted in Jackson being named in the top two-hundred of Forbes’ Best Cities for Business and Careers.

Resources for Business Owners

In an effort to keep the economy in the City of Soul diverse and successful, Jackson developed the Business Development Division, or BDD. The BDD is dedicated to providing business owners in Jackson with the resources they need to open and operate. One program in particular is Startup Jackson, which offers business planning, counseling, and training to new business owners. Startup Jackson, as part of the BDD strives to foster job growth, encourage investment in the city, and develop industry diversity. Startup Jackson’s website even has a business checklist for new business owners to take advantage of to make sure they have everything they need to get started, including all the requirements for licensing in the city.

City Improvement

Because cities are constantly changing, Jackson is constantly developing programs to keep the city in top shape in all aspects including economy, infrastructure, and social programs. In 2015, the city approved an infrastructure plan that will completely overhaul the city’s infrastructure. In 2016, when the plan will go into effect, there will be over thirty projects to rejuvenate the roads, waterways, bridges, and drainage systems throughout Jackson. Paid for by a nominal increase in sales tax, this so-called Bold New Infrastructure Plan will improve the entire city by the time it’s complete.

The time to invest is now! Jackson’s strong economy and various programs for improvement make it an ideal city for a business investment. When you invest with SuperGreen, you invest with a company whose proven business model has led the way in the green technology industry. When you’re ready to invest in your own SuperGreen franchise, click this LINK to find out how to get started.