Franchise Opportunity in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Why Invest in a Houston Franchise?

SuperGreen is excited to announce that our newest franchise opportunity is in the exciting city of Houston, Texas! As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Houston has a strong economy that will help your SuperGreen franchise thrive. In addition, Houston’s Economic Development Division is dedicated to improving the business climate, making the city even more desirable for business owners. Keep reading to learn more about what this vibrant city has to offer.

Rapidly Growing City

With a population of 2.2 million people, Houston is the fourth biggest city in the country, behind only New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. And Houston is only getting bigger; during 2014 alone just shy of 20,000 people moved to the city. In spite of the huge population growth, Houston has been able to maintain an unemployment rate that is two full percentage points lower than the national average. Even during the Great Recession, Houston’s unemployment rate was lower than that of the country as a whole. The key to keeping low unemployment has been high job growth in many different industries, including energy, aerospace, defense, bio-science, manufacturing, healthcare and more. Houston’s industries have diversified and grown so much that Houston’s economic impact is expected to more than double between 2015 and 2040. When you open a franchise in Houston, you will benefit from this strong a growing economy that has proven itself to be resistant to economic downturn.

Economic Development Division

One of the reasons that Houston’s industries have been able to grow and diversify so much is through the hard work of the Economic Development Division, or EDD. The EDD has worked tirelessly to create city initiatives and incentives that make it easy and inexpensive to do business in Houston. These incentives help create jobs and stimulate the local economy. Your Houston franchise can take advantage of some of the incentive programs that provide tax breaks or grants to new businesses in the city.

The time to invest is now! Houston’s exploding economy is only continuing to get bigger, and the incentives provided by the EDD are sure to encourage people to invest in this dynamic city. If you don’t jump on this investment opportunity, someone else will soon. When you’re ready to invest in your future, your career, and SuperGreen, click this LINK to learn the next step in opening a franchise in Houston.