Franchise Opportunity in Eugene, Oregon


Think Green: Eugene and SuperGreen Come Together

Are you looking for a business opportunity in one of the fastest growing industries in the world? Do you want to get in on the ground floor of an industry that is taking off in the United States and worldwide? Look no further than SuperGreen, one of the only green energy franchises in the world. Our proven business model is unlike any of the competition because our storefront allows our customers to interact face to face with someone who knows about the industry and the products. One of our stores will fit in perfectly in Eugene, a city that is so dedicated to sustainability that there is an entire faction of the city government dedicated to green practices. Eugene and SuperGreen fit together like pieces of an environmentally-friendly puzzle—read on to find out why.

Green Energy for a Green City

In March, 2007, Eugene created the city’s Sustainability Commission, a faction of City Hall dedicated to preserving and increasing social equity, environmental health, and economic prosperity. The Commission offers advice to legislators when they are making policies regarding the environment and clean energy, all in an effort to create policies now that are beneficial to current residents of Eugene as well as future residents.

Resources for Business Owners

Eugene has several city programs in place that are beneficial, not only to the environment, but to a SuperGreen business owner. One program, the Green Building Program, offers incentives to businesses, homeowners, and landlords to adopt green energy solutions.

The benefits for your business are twofold: first, your business might be eligible for some tax incentives for upgrading your building or making other changes that make it more energy efficient. Second, other businesses and building owners will seek out your business in order to purchase green energy solutions to get their own tax incentives. We all know that energy efficiency adds up to money saved on operational costs, so this program sets up your business for success.

Another program Eugene offers business owners is the Business Development Fund (BDF), which was created in 1984. Since then, the BDF has invested $18 million into 230 Eugene businesses to help with things like building remodels, land acquisition, supply or technology acquisition, and more. The BDF has helped create more than 1,300 new jobs in Eugene, keeping everything local, small, and profitable.

If you are ready to take the leap to become your own boss, SuperGreen wants you to become our latest franchise owner. When you invest with us, you open a turnkey business complete with operational training and support from corporate on top of the freedom of owning and operating your own business. Opening a SuperGreen in Eugene is a no-brainer, as so many people in Oregon are dedicated to sustainability. To find out how to open a SuperGreen franchise, click this LINK and get started right away.