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Air Purification and Sanitation Services

SuperGreen Solutions franchisees can now offer air purification and sanitation services to businesses in their area that need to improve their air quality. These services are more in-demand now than ever, as the EPA has indicated that air filtration is one proactive thing employers can do to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about these services and the impact they have on the SuperGreen Solutions

Air Purification and Sanitation

Air Purification Systems are More Popular Than Ever

Air purification systems were growing more and more popular even before COVID-19 as air quality becomes more of a concern. Rising pollution levels and greater awareness of their effect on human health have already driven many businesses to install air filtration systems. The industry was worth $9.55 billion in 2019, with an expected growth of over 12% per year through 2027.

We believe that COVID-19 will boost that growth even further. When used in combination, air purification and sanitation services can effectively curb the spread of the virus. As businesses around the world are looking for ways to safely continue their work, these services are proving invaluable. And now, SuperGreen Solutions franchisees can offer them.

What Our Franchisees Do

SuperGreen Solutions is a renewable energy consulting franchise. Our franchisees work with businesses in their areas, advising them on how to switch their outdated systems to more efficient options. While our focus has always been on green energy and taking care of the planet, we’ve always recommended technologies that are safer for people, too. Air purification and sanitation services fit right in.

Our franchisees assess systems like ventilation and HVAC to evaluate their weak spots. Then, they recommend technologies that could help businesses to achieve better air quality. Once these businesses have decided which option to go with, our franchisees connect them with contractors to get the job done. It’s as simple as that!

Count on SuperGreen Solutions to

Keep Your Business Going Strong

The addition of air purification and sanitation services to our repertoire are just the latest examples of how we strive to keep our franchisees on the cutting edge. The renewable energy field is continually growing and changing, with new technologies coming out all the time. You don’t need to be dedicating your time to researching all of these advances because our team of green technology experts handles that for you. We keep you updated with in-demand products and services so that you can offer your clients the services they want and need.

If you’re serious about starting your own business in the green energy industry, we can help with the rest. Our team works with you throughout the process of setting up your new business, including educating you on the products and services you’ll be offering and showing you how to connect with customers in your area.

If you’re interested in starting a new business offering air purification and sanitation services, contact SuperGreen Solutions today!

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