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Find an easier path to sustainable green business.

Finally, everything you need for going green is all in one place.

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At SuperGreen Solutions, we know you want to build a lasting legacy as an entrepreneur, and you can do that by building a successful green energy and air purification business.

The problem is, no one seems to have a clear, profitable roadmap for entering the green space, which leaves you confused about where to begin. We believe you deserve the guidance and support it takes to be successful and leave an impact on the global good.

Here’s Your Path for
Entering the Green Space

See if you qualify as a SuperGreen Franchise owner during our application process.

Get the roadmap, innovative virtual training, and ongoing support your franchise needs to thrive.

Build a legacy that reaches beyond profit to provide a brighter future for our planet.

So, see if you qualify to become a SuperGreen franchise owner. Before we meet, you can download our free resource, Why the Future Is Green.

You don’t have to feel disconnected from resources and opportunities in the green space. Instead, you can gain immediate access to the industry and find the support you need to build a successful franchise and a lasting legacy at the same time.

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Get to know the SuperGreen Solutions leadership team.

At SuperGreen Solutions, our leadership team is passionate about helping you build a lasting legacy and an easier path to going green. With years of diverse experience in both sustainability and franchise growth, our team is here to serve our franchisees in growing successful and sustainable businesses.

Dan Dubell

Dan Dubell

Chief Executive Officer
Garry McDowall

Garry McDowall

Chief Operations Officer
Meet Our Core Team
Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose

U.S. Operations Manager

Caryn Koppenhoefer

Shared Services Manager

Julie Ferrer

Marketing Manager

Be Part of Something Bigger

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